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The Innovation Project

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The Innovation Project


Sustainable Development Goals


Week One


What is Innovation? 


Innovation enhances Employment Rates


Alquimias - Festa do CAD 


      In Portugal, a real revolution concerning jobs is happening right now: thanks to the evolution on computer science. A totally new area of Knowledge is evolving. Technology is helping to distribute employment, as more and more people wish to work in this area.

Francisco B, 8B

Innovation also comes through Sports


     Innovation also comes through Sports. It makes people more healthy and physically stronger, more empowered to achieve  different kinds of works. Sports also enables us to develop friendship and mutual trust, thanks to Team work.

Pedro C , 6B



Sailing for Peace


XIII Campeonato Português de Juvenis - Tomás g


     In order to grow stronger we have to be united as if we were a Global World Team, so that we may go deeper in evolution. Nowadays our world is worn out and with a bad image of itself.  

     In the realm of Sailing there are no differences: each of us knows that he may win. Whenever I participate in an Optimist championship,  I learn new things and trends with my friends from other countries, thus widening my horizon to the sense of  a Global Citizenship. 

Tomas G, 8A



Innovation, Global Solidarity and SGDs


Floresta Encantada - Festa do CAD


    At a Global level, Solidarity touches all the SDGs. To Innovate is to prevent pollution, to respect all races and cultures. Each one of us is a human being, with the same heart, the same goodness and even more characteristics that we haven't discovered yet. 

Francisco M N, 6A


    We must also seek equal treatment between genders: there are women who are not being fairly paid. And we have to talk about Global Goals around us, otherwise we won't achieve change. Each person, only by herself can't reach innovation.

Miguel M, 6A

Innovation is Intertwined with Solidarity



     Every School Year, we make a Festival with all our Educational Community, always intending to help people from other Countries. This year our Campaing "We are Needed Here" gathers resources to support three Schools in three islands of Cape Vert.

     Thus, we contribute to a more brotherly world where people from distant countries keep united in dialogue.

Mariana C, 7C


Innovation as a Peaceful Web of Relationships


wikimedia commons Atribution: CC3.0


     In the mini villages of CISV we, children and adolescents, live a different month of our lives as a preparation for a long travell through the world. Young people from distant countries leave their families and friends, to stay abroad in welcoming spaces. There, we create new friends from other cultures and learn to live together: that's an innovative way of building peace in the world.


Carminho S, 6A

Innovating by Saving and Sharing Water



Water Footprint - Flickr - CC 2.0


     A Great step we can make towards an innovative society is to save water in a consistent way. We are all able to not waste too much time having a shower, closing the tap while washing our hands, not letting a small drop to keep falling. If we manage not to waiste so many liters of water, we will be able to give water to the populations suffering from drought, to those who lack water and even to those that seem to have lost their right to have access to water.

Vicente E, 5A


 Healthy Food and Caring for Animal Life


     To produce biological food is important for animals, as they are well treated. In order to achieve this goal, we need to have economic expertise. We must know how to feed animals in a healthy way, with no chemical products; we must keep animals in adequate places where they can feel protected from harsh weather; we mustn't imprison animals in jails, but to let them walk freely, mainly in open fields. Thus, we will respect ecology.

Simão Cb, 5C



Innovation is also Democracy at School


commons wikimedia Atribution: CC2.0


     In IBN, our Neibhour Public School, teachers and students have launched innovation this year. Students from 8th to 12th grades, in each classroom, have lists to be voted. In each list, Students propose what they wish to enhance and develop in their School. Each classroom has a whole week to show their goals and to entertain their colleagues. During the following week , all students must vote. Then, all the school come together and the winners are nominated. Their projects will be implemented. The Principal and all the teachers support their Students and help them to achieve the improvements at School. Thus, each new generation will always enjoy a better, innovative School. 

Madalena C, 8A


 Innovating to Save Life in the Ocean


By © Hans Hillewaert /, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2200804



 To innovate is also to finish with black tides and the massacre of sea creatures. For instance, by means of the use of nets with large holes to spare the life of very small fishes;  with the divulgation of eletric cars, its batteries being recharged very quickly, with super strong electrical plugs plugged in electrical stations; by reusing electronic waste as raw material in robotics. There is no hunger: this is innovation. For exemple: 


Alexandre T, 7C


Innovation is Having Food for All


doanme pixabay CC0


     There must be no hunger: this is also innovation. For exemple: delivering, in dark streets, bowls of hot soup, to the homeless as Comunidade Vida e Paz does; cultivating biological vegetable gardens in each school; every week, students would plant onions, carrots, lettuce, and so on. Then, they could give them to an Institution, as Cozinha com Alma, that would cook them and offer them to homeless people.

André R, 7C  


Innovating to Stop Hunger


Kindness of AJU "Mercearia do Bairro"


     Often, people who enjoy better work conditions waste their money on stuff they really don't need so much. This money could be used to feed people in need. For instance, "Banco Alimentar", the familiar grocery at our foundation AJU, and even our own biological vegetable garden in our School

Inês M, 8B

Innovation is using Clear Energy


     Our Planet 



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